It’s free to download and use Partymag mobile application. However, to benefit from featured places and free refreshments you have to use Partymag Premium package.

Yes, using Partymag application you can buy tickets for some events, make reservations for special events, or you will be automatically forwarded to the website where you can buy tickets.

Partymag Premium grants free or discounted access for special events and parties, as well as access for private events available only for Premium members.

After you download Partymag on Google Play and Apple Store, you have to sign in and select ‘Get Premium’ to get Partymag Premium membership. After you become Partymag Premium member you can follow free events and special offers in Premium section. Clicking ‘buy’ on events page you can get free or discounted access. You enter event just providing your first and last name. and screening the QR code.

We offer you three different packages for premium membership; "Busy" 3 credits per month for 69 TL, 7 credits per month for "Lost" 119 TL, 15 credits per month for "Unicorn" 199 TL. You can get into events with credits or use it for free cocktails in specific popular venues.

‘Credit’ is a user credit granted after Premium membership purchase. Partymag Premium users can use ‘Credits’ for a free access to events and free drinks at special events. i.e. user uses 1 ‘Credit’ to join the party; or user uses 1 ‘Credit’ for a free cocktail at the venue which has agreement with Partymag. For the events with high ticket cost you might be required to use 2 or 3 ‘Credits’.

After you click on ‘Get Premium’ /’Buy’ button on event page, select ‘Use Credit’ in the Screen Settings to use Credits and free access for events.

You can view the list of free Premium events in the ‘Premium’ section. This list is being updated daily.

Yes, the number of free tickets and drinks is limited for Premium events.

You can use your Credits till 4 hours the Premium Events, then guest list will be closed.

Partymag Premium users can use only 1 (one) ‘Credit’ during 24 hours. User cannot use more than one ‘Credit’ during the same day.

User cannot cancel ‘Credit’. We recommend you to be careful while using a ‘Credit’.

No, you cannot transfer your Partymag Premium ‘Credits’ to another person. In the case other person uses your Partymag Premium, your membership will be cancelled and won’t be restored during the next three months.

No, ‘Credits’ should be used during a 30 days period after you have signed in for Premium. Remained ‘Credits’ cannot be transferred for the next month.

Partymag Premium membership is expried and can be renewed after a 30 days period.

If you have problems with access to the party or event please contact us immediately at or Partymag account via Facebook Messenger. Our team member will contact you as soon as possible. However, plesae don’t forget that the owner or organizer has a right to reject you from entering. In this case your ‘Credits’ will be reimbursed to you.

Partymag Premium membership cannot be updated without prior notification. Your membership will be automatically cancelled after the date expired. You can update your membership any time.

As Partymag is not the organizer of the event, but is a ticket provider; Partymag has no responsibility for the ticket return until the event is officially cancelled or changed; or if the tickets were not purchased within the terms announced by the organizer or owner.


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